What is Brand Strategy and Why You Should Have One

May 19, 2021

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What is Brand Strategy and Why You Should Have One

brand strategy

It seems like brand strategy is the new industry buzzword. But what does it actually mean? And how can it help your business?

Well, brand strategy is essentially the roadmap for your business’s success. It’s a way to get incredibly clear on exactly who your brand is and the direction you want to be heading.

I really believe in establishing this foundation because once your brand’s strategy is established, you can then use that information to drive forward everything else you do in your business. By having this strategy, you are laying the groundwork for all the other parts of your brand to be aligned. 

So what are these foundational elements? 

A good brand strategy will help identify your brand’s problems and how to solve them. It will get to the heart of your brand’s why, establish your mission and vision, and uncover your brand’s values. Brand strategy will also help you hone in on your unique messaging, how you want to sound to your audience, as well as who exactly you serve. It takes a look at your competition to determine how you can differentiate yourself. And, it starts to inform the visual components of your brand. 

Establishing your why, getting to the heart of your values, and developing your mission statement is so important because they make your brand human. While your visuals are necessary, people connect with people. And when people find brands they can relate to and align with, they become raving fans. 

Okay, this sounds amazing, but surely this can only work for big brands that have been around for ages or have millions of followers, right?

Well, actually, brand strategy can be for a wide range of businesses! Whether you are brand new or you’ve been at it for a while. You have 100 employees or just one (and it’s you 😉). It’s really meant for entrepreneurs in any stage of business that are looking to find clarity, direction and to create a brand with intention. 

So let’s break that all down. 

By creating your brand strategy, you can:
  • Be clear on how to show up and speak to your audience (your messaging)
  • Know exactly who you serve and how you solve your ideal client’s problems
  • Identify gaps in your customer’s journey so you can fill them
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Be clear on the direction you want your business to go and take the next step
  • Have a roadmap for everything you do moving forward in your business 
  • Design your brand visuals with intention and meaning

Are you interested in learning more about creating a strategic brand and how it can translate into your visuals? I’ll be releasing a new free resource “How to Build an Intentional Brand Identity” later this month. This tutorial takes you through the exact steps to begin designing a thoughtful and strategic brand identity. Make sure you’re signed up for my email list to know exactly when it becomes available! 


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