OUR offerings

01. custom design scheme

Our most popular! Custom interior design package to make your space more functional and beautiful. Our answer to helping more have a finished space that feels like them and that they are proud of. We look at your space with fresh eyes and are with you every step of the way to ensure you get a real transformation. We work with you to meet you where you are and encourage you to keep what you love, while adding what you need.

Moving or rearranging and need furniture placement help? We create software rendered floor plans to map out the most functional furniture placement.

All interior design schemes are custom quotes as no two project is the same. Each room will be its design scheme and will be quoted separately. Inquire for pricing information.

02. hourly consult

Receive designer feedback on your current project, furniture, styling or plan to gain insight and confidence on next steps. This is perfect if you just need that confirmation that you are on the right track, need a different point of view, or are stuck on a specific item.

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01. consult

02.  questionnaire + inspo

You talk us through your space to understand your needs, budget, and how we can help. We will then give you an estimate based on the discussed scope of work.

We send over some questions to get to know you better and ask for any inspiration. We want to ensure we know what you like and know your lifestyle so that we source pieces that serve you best! (we don't want to suggest a white couch if there's a black lab at home we don't know about!)

03. moodboard

04. floor plan + design scheme

A mood board serves as visual cues and imagery to encompass the aesthetics of your space. This helps ensure we have the same vision.

We draw up your space to ensure the scale of all items work. We compile a presentation of real products all linked and ready to shop. There are multiple options per each item we are sourcing to give you some flexibility. From the products, we compile design concepts which are different combinations of the proposed products. This ensure that you have real options, ready to purchase!

05. execute

Once you have landed on a design concept, we can provide a floor plan with the furniture scaled into your space. You are then ready to purchase the products! 

06. sourcing + styling

To feel confident executing, we can provide designer tips and best practices. Schedule another consult to walk through your furnished space and receive styling guidance and any additional feedback to ensure you are happy with your space!

As all of our packages are custom, we talk through the process during our initial consult. We strive to make interior design services accessible and will see what steps of the process you need and which you don't. For example, if you love styling, then we won't include that in your proposal and estimate.

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