7 Swoon-worthy Accent Chairs

Sep 21, 2021

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Not having a home to buy decor furniture for has been freeing. I’ll see something when I’m out or online, and I have to appreciate it at that moment but know that there is no way it will be mine. It is a perk and also a con of nomadic living. Luckily, I have design clients that I get to source for, and I love bringing their vision to life. However, just because I don’t have a home doesn’t mean I don’t browse. I have to keep up with the latest trends, right? And manifesting my future home is important!

I have always loved sourcing the perfect accent chair. This is a great way to bring in something unique and a statement. I have compiled some very swoon-worthy accent chairs for you also to swoon over. I should preface that these chairs may not be great for everyday use. I have compiled them as “works of art,” because they really are! I hope you are inspired by these pieces and — enjoy!

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