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Apr 29, 2021

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all about lighting

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When I first started in interior design, I was quick to forget the impact that lighting makes.

I would update the furniture and layout, but put lighting on the back burner. This is a mistake many make, but luckily I now understand the impact lighting makes. It may be surprising, but lighting is one of my favorite products to source.

Lighting and Its Impact

One of the reasons I enjoy lighting so much is because it is a great way to make an impact in a space. This is also one of the first places I recommend updating. Even in the most traditional spaces, a modern light can make the whole room feel more elevated and modern. If updating an overhead fixture seems too daunting, you can just start with a table lamp. You will be surprised the options there are out there for table lamps! These table lamps aren’t just a source of light, they are art and accessories.

One of my favorite rooms to go contemporary with the lighting is the kitchen. This is where I tend to put my most modern fixture. I think a kitchen is a great place for current lighting because it naturally tends to feel like a more up-to-date room. The kitchen has the presence of appliances and technology, thus naturally feeling more modern. If you’re ready to make the update, an easy go-to is lighting over the island. Multiple pendants is a great solution. It is important to get the numbers all correct! Depending on your room size, island size, and ceiling height, we can decide the size of the pendants and how many would work best.

Another easy way to make an update is with a floor lamp. Like adding a pendant over an island, this should be done strategically. Floor lamps should be treated more like furniture as they do take up some of your floor space. Even when creating a layout of a room, we play around with floor lamp placements like any other piece of furniture. Adding a floor lamp is great in a room that is feeling empty. A floor lamp can add more character into the space. Floor lamps come in all shapes in sizes and you can find the perfect one whatever your style is.

Image Credit: Peters Interiors

Lighting is one of our passions and we have a few brands that we want to highlight as they have great selections. Please check out the following brands:

Image Credit: Triple Seven
Image Credit: Made Goods

Lastly, I wanted to highlight this styling by Jonathan Adler (shown below). There are multiple lights in this space and they play off each other very nicely. This is a great example of using lighting also as an accessory. We love lighting and seeing finish products like these! Let us help you with your lighting needs.

Image Credit: Jonathan Adler

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