5 Blue Cabinet Color Ideas for Every Kitchen Style

Jul 28, 2021

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I love non-white kitchen cabinets. Yes, white cabinets may be safe, but they have also become pretty expected. Even a contrasting island can make such a difference. In my efforts to help make non-white kitchens not so scary, I’ve compiled some of my favorite blue kitchens. Blue is as close to neutral as we can normally get, but it has such a range! Blue can be preppy, moody, modern, earthy, etc. If you want a blue kitchen, I recommend working with a designer to make sure you pick the right color to convey the look you are going for. I’ll share a few different styles of blue kitchens… let me know which one intrigues you!

Deep Blue with Classic Touches

This NYC kitchen was designed by White Arrow

This kitchen feels classic, but it has quite a few different elements going on, yet it is still successful. The decor pieces are classic and traditional ceramics. They really add some character to the space! The copper and wood details bring in warmth to contrast those blue cabinets.

This NYC kitchen was designed by White Arrow

This kitchen features copper lighting and faucet, nickel oven and hood, black pulls, and then blue knobs. People are often hesitant just to mix two finishes, but this showcases you can push that! Copper and nickel is not a combo I see often, so I appreciate getting to see it.

This NYC kitchen was designed by White Arrow

These cabinets are painted in Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue. You know I love Farrow & Ball’s colors!

Historic Blue in Philly

Reclaimed wood island, plaster walls, brass accents, and those blue cabinets aid to the historic feel of this kitchen


The counters are a polished concrete. Honestly, I would have been hesitant about pairing the concrete counters with the blue cabinets… because I tend to avoid gray and blue. However, the combination works here!

Designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

The blue carried into the backsplash and then display shelf help ground the kitchen. The space is large with high ceilings so they needed to take that extra step to make the kitchen impactful. The cabinets are in Sherwin Williams Seaworthy.

Waterfalls and Baby Blue

Design by White Arrow

This kitchen has a few “wow” elements. I have to say, the first thing that grabbed my attention wasn’t the blue cabinets. It was the waterfall counters on every side. The extra detail on either side of the stovetop put it over the top in the best way.

Design by White Arrow

Another element I appreciate in this kitchen is the almost full-width cabinet pulls. I love the shape of these pulls and think they work so well because they are the same color as the cabinets. This blue helps balance the more elegant features like the counters and gold fixtures.

Blue on Blue

Design by White Arrow

I love the old-world feel of this kitchen with the beadboard walls, wide plank wood floors, and the Aga oven. The blue of the cabinets is deep, but the space still has a warmth to it. The consistent blue on the island, cabinets, walls, trim, etc. is dramatic, but really works!

Design by White Arrow

Kitchens can easily feel cluttered with all the different components and appliances. A rule I live by is to create a narrow scheme for the decor pieces and other items that may be on your counters. One of my go-to’s is sticking to woods and marbles. I’m a fan of the natural elements. This means being intentional about what you purchase. I love that they honed in on white ceramics and medium woods. It really makes the kitchen feel cleaner and lets the design shine through.

Pale Blue Gem

design by Pureza Faria Blanc, home featured in Remodelista

Imagine if these cabinets were white or gray… a totally different feel, right? The narrow color scheme here really works. It is primarily white or the pale blue. The tile flooring keeps in this scheme and works perfectly to match the cabinets.

design by Pureza Faria Blanc, home featured in Remodelista

The small scale of the hardware, along with other elements of the kitchen, gives it a Scandinavian feel. Large pulls have been popular lately so it is refreshing to see smaller knobs.

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