Creating Art in an NYC Apartment

Jun 3, 2021

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Creating Art in an NYC Apartment 

I live in a New York City apartment on the Upper West Side. My studio is less than 400 square ft. It serves as a living space, and as an artist, a workspace. But how is that even possible? With a bit of compromise, a bit of imagination, and a lot of organization you can, as Tim Gunn from the show Project Runway would say, “make it work.” Compromise is a necessity because there’s only so much that I can fit into such a small space. Choices have to be made. Having two desks means more workspace, but it also means no dining table.

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Each choice has to be a creative one. Each item has to offer a multiplicity of purposes. My desk is more than a desk, it’s also my sewing table, and also storage for all my supplies.

And my bed is a daybed, because it offers sofa seating during the day.

The key to “making it work” is keeping this tiny space organized and tidy. 

As someone who is not organized or tidy, living and working in the same space has forced me to learn good habits: 

  • I now make my bed every day.
  • I put away my projects at the end of the day (imagine that printer and scanner not tucked away, but sitting in the middle of the floor?!). 
  • And I regularly do laundry (because that cute little basket does not look so cute overflowing).

This little space is probably not the most ideal situation long-term (like a dining table would be nice), but for where I am in life this space works. And I can confidently say that 400sqft has never worked so hard. 

Thanks for listening friends!


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