Interior Design Trends 2022

Feb 15, 2022

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Interior Design Trends 2022

Like all trends, the latest and greatest interior design and decor styles are constantly changing. We saw how the modern farmhouse style took everyone by storm in 2016, but now we’re seeing fewer shiplap and barn wood doors and a more relaxed, vintage-inspired interior environment. We’ve seen a shift from cooler tones to warmer tones, angles to curves, and new to old, as well as a collective goal of bringing the outdoors in. Let’s dive deeper into what those specific design trends might look like in 2022.

Shades of Brown

Photo Credit: Home Designing

While you might have seen the color brown gain popularity in fashion, we are starting to see a shift towards warmer tones such as creams, beiges, and nudes in interiors as well. While crisp whites and cool grays will always be in style to create a clean, contemporary look, the richer, earthier tones of brown can be applied to walls, upholstery, and furniture to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. We’re seeing chocolate brown come back from the 70s in a way that creates a rich, elegant and timeless interior.

Curvilinear Furniture

Photo Credit: Crate & Barrel

Curves were called out on Pinterest’s trend prediction report for 2022 to replace the angular, geometric shapes that have been popular in furniture, patterns, and architecture these past years. Soft lines, curves, and arcs are perceived to be comforting and create a more friendly and welcoming interior environment. This trend traces back to a collective desire for comfort amid stressful times.

Biophilic Design

Photo Credit: Made in Marylebone

Another one of Pinterest’s trend predictions for 2022 is biophilic design and its goal of bringing the outdoors into our homes with plants, colors, and natural materials. This goes beyond bringing a few flowers and plants into a home and instead of adding living plant walls and unique hanging installations to mimic and evoke the exterior environment that is rooted in our basic human makeup to be connected to nature.

Innate Studio
Photo Credit: Innate Studio

Green is becoming increasingly popular as it reminds us of the comfort of nature. Increased interest in natural surfaces such as terracotta, marble, and travertine installations add an organic, restorative aesthetic and imperfect nature.

Vintage and Sustainable Decor

Photo Credit: Henry van Belkom
Photo Credit: Henry van Belkom

Thrift shopping and sustainable fashion have become more and more popular over the years as a hope to become more eco-friendly. The same values hold true in the world of interior design and decor. Rather than purchasing all new furnishings and decor, mixing new with old has become increasingly popular. This not only brings a rich history and unique aesthetic to a space but also helps to reduce our footprint by repurposing the old.

Pantone’s Color of the Year: PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri 

Photo Cred: Pantone
Photo Credit: Pantone

Pantone recently released their 2022 color of the year, “Very Peri,” a bold blue with a violet-red undertone. This color “displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.”

Not only will we see this shade of blue reflected in the interior environment, but we will also see it come alive in fashion, product packaging, and graphic design.

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