the wallpapered bathroom

Sep 17, 2021


the wallpapered bathroom

Something I have noticed that can really scare my clients is… wallpaper! It often reminds us of an older home that has not been updated, however, wallpaper is becoming more popular and there are various great sources to shop through.  An area that I love to put wallpaper in (especially for the more hesitant) is a bathroom and most often, the powder room.  This is a great place to bring a pop of life to your home and is often smaller so you won’t break the bank with the amount of wallpaper you are buying.

wallpapered bathroom gold mirror
Image Credit: Jacquelyn Clark
vintage wallpapered bathroom
Image Credit: Remodelista

Still not sure about it? Half a wall of wallpaper or just a feature wall is the solution. When deciding to wallpaper, I always make sure to question how much is just enough. It is all about making sure the print feels balanced in the space.

feature wall wallpaper bathroom
Image Credit: Clay Imports
silver mirror pattern wallpapered
Image Credit: Blissful Nest

This idea is for everyone.  Often go with a more subtle look, let the powder room be where you go a little more adventurous as it is a smaller space.  Love bold prints? You can easily get away with it in this space.

Also, this look works for any style! With all the places to source wallpaper, we can make sure to find the one that speaks to you. Even if you do not want a print, grasscloth sisal can add a layer to your space.

We look forward to seeing your wallpapered bathroom! Send some images our way or reach out to us if you need help executing this look– we got you!

sisal grasscloth blue wallpaper
Image Credit: The Tarnished Jewel
wood vanity bathroom wallpaper
Image Credit: Bong Pret

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