3 Holistic Activities That Nurture Your Life

Mar 16, 2022

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3 Holistic Activities That Nurture Your Life

One way to live out a holistic lifestyle is to find activities that simultaneously nurture multiple areas of life. At Deerly, we focus on seven areas of life: the mind, purpose, health, habits, self-work, environment, and community. Read more about the areas of life here

Here are some activities that encompass holistic living:


This might be my favorite! I love to walk as it clears my mind, lowers stress, and it is a low-impact movement. It can check off so many different areas too! Listen to a podcast or book to practice self-work or ask a friend to join to strengthen your community. It can be nice to change your scenery! Find a beautiful neighborhood to walk around— manifest that you will live there one day. Take in your surroundings as you walk. Take some deep breaths and feel present. OH, and a jog or a run could have the same effect!


Home cooking is pretty underrated. We often think of dining out as a “treat,” but with the convenience of food delivery and takeout and our world’s business, it has become more common. Try once a week to really treat yourself to a home-cooked meal. I encourage you to find a new recipe and take your time with it. Give yourself the time to go to your favorite grocery store and pick out all ingredients needed. Play a show, book, or podcast, if you’d like! Cooking can be playful and experimental– have fun with it! Think of the meal holistically as you consider your drink and any additional courses. Invite others to partake or do it solo. For me, I enjoy cooking the most when I give myself that extra time so that I don’t feel rushed. If balancing an entire meal feels too much, start with just one element first! I totally get that not every home cooking experience can feel special due to life, but if it was, wouldn’t that be pretty great? Just try it! Our contributor, Jacquelyn, shares great tips and insight into making home cooking more accessible. 


OK… listen to me on this one. You can swap knitting for something else, but personally, I’m a knitter. I can’t explain how nice it is to have a task to do with your hands. It is great to do while watching or listening to something as it keeps you off just scrolling on your phone! Plus, it is so rewarding to have a finished product! New to knitting, start with a bookmark– trust me, you can do it! I also appreciate that it is something you can challenge yourself with by learning new techniques or can be kinda mindless if you want to just groove. Take a project with you on a road trip when you are in a passenger seat. Have I convinced you to knit yet? Not about knitting? Try making some jewelry. You can bead yourself a cool bracelet stack!

What activity do you enjoy that nurtures different areas of life? Consider your favorite activities and consider how it can be more holistic. It’s not just about what activity you do, but also being mindful and present during it. 

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