4 Soups You’ll Want to Make this Season

Oct 26, 2021

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4 Soups You’ll Want to Make this Season

fall soup

really love soup: both the powerful flavors and the preparation is comforting to me.

Once fall rolls around, I find myself knocking the dust off my Dutch oven, wooden stirring spoon, and my grandmother’s ladle – having been put away for the summertime – and grabbing my list of go-to soups that I regularly make throughout the season.

Now that it’s that time of year, I can’t wait to return to the stove for these favorites.

Here’s a list of my favorite soups and a few ways I like to elevate or make them into a full meal.

Note: All of these recipes are either food allergy & sensitivity friendly, or I’ve included a few notes (though not exhaustive) for what I sub as needed.

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup

+ The title speaks for itself: this tomato soup is so creamy and packs a punch with the roasted red pepper. Roasting the pepper adds an extra step, but trust me: it’s worth it! I love making a hearty grilled turkey sandwich to go with this to make it into a full weeknight meal.

PS – You could also totally go the classic route and make grilled cheese here. Your choice! There’s really no wrong way to add a sandwich to your soup. Before I went dairy-free, I would make a grilled cheese with Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese, basil, and a few extra slices of a Roma tomato – talk about delightful!

Creamy White Bean Soup with Herb Oil & Crispy Capers

+ It’s true: I’m a sucker for white beans, and this soup is no exception. While this is a simple combination, the flavor is oh-so-delicious. Like the recipe above, crisping the capers and mixing the olive oil is an extra step – but don’t skip it! It adds a depth of flavor and saltiness that the soup really needs to go from good to wonderful. I love serving this soup with a really great crusty loaf of bread and extra olive oil.

PS – Now that I’m gluten-free, I’ve turned to Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle e Vanille to learn the art of baking gluten-free. Right now, I’m on a kick of her Black Olive, Caraway, & Honey Yeast Bread. That would pair beautifully with this soup!

Weeknight Vegetarian Chili

+ There are few soups more comforting than chili, right? I love this recipe for its ease and familiarity, though adding the blistered corn tortillas is a fun touch!

PS – I go without the sour cream and cheddar cheese due to my sensitivities, so for now – I definitely load up on avocado, lime wedges, and cilantro because who doesn’t love toppings on their chili?! Right now, I’m testing DF & vegan “cheeses” and yogurts. Stay tuned!

Chicken and Rice Soup with Celery, Parsley & Lemon

+ I saved the best for last – I seriously love this recipe. This soup is bright, warm, and so flavorful. When I start to crave winter citrus, this is the recipe I turn to. The garnish of lemon juice and parsley mixture is so perfect – I usually double the amount I make of it. You’ll be returning for seconds of this one, and thank goodness, because it makes quite a bit!

PS – This recipe adds butter towards the end of cooking time for extra creaminess. It tastes just as great without it, but if you’d like a DF option: Earth Balance is a great go-to.

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