5 Kitchen Items That Make Life Easier

Jul 2, 2021


5 Kitchen Items That Make Life Easier

Collapsible Over the Sink Colander

Before this colander, I would place a bowl-shaped colander in the sink, and the contents would always touch the bottom of the sink, which really grossed me out. This colander is expandable to adjust to any sink and allows the sink to be still usable while the contents drain. While it’s made of sturdy plastic, it also adjusts smoothly and can be easily rinsed after use. I chose a neutral color to match my other utensils.

Two-Tier Over the Sink Drying Rack

My previous drying rack was a bamboo fold-out countertop version. To maximize counter space, I found this over the sink rack, which has been a game-changer. So easy to assemble and with so much space, there’s a place for all of your dishes, appliances, and utensils to dry. As the dishes air dry over the sink, any dripping water falls into the sink to avoid wet countertops. With roommates, I opted for the two-tier, and it’s been so nice not to have a piled-high countertop drying rack.


Roll Up Bamboo Foldable Drying Rack

In another effort to increase counter space, I place this over the left side of my sink to assist with drying washed fruits and vegetables, defrosting frozen foods, and drying utensils or pots and pans. With an impressive weight capacity of 22.2 lbs and silicone sides to keep it firmly in place, this drying rack is of high value, especially for the cost. I leave it out (also to decrease the likelihood my roommates pile dirty dishes on both sides of the sink), but it’s foldable design makes it easily storable.


Straight Broom Brush with Interchangeable Handle

I do whatever I can to eliminate unnecessary tools and simplify as much as possible, which is what drew me to this brand – SWOPT. This kitchen broom has an interchangeable handle that is compatible with different size heads: mops, dust mops, push brooms, corn brooms, squeegees, scrub brushes, duster heads. This thoughtful design allows for limiting the number of cleaning handles and easy hanging storage of different heads. The Mops and dust mops and also machine washable, and all products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Scrub Daddy Sponge

Until I found the Scrub Daddy, I had a hard time getting on board with sponges because of the odor they develop and how they are breeding grounds for bacteria. I love a good Shark Tank find and the Scrub Daddy changed my mind on sponges. Usable in the kitchen or bathroom, the Scrub Daddy acts as a sponge and a scrubbing tool. The sponge is firm in cold water and soft in warm water and is also dishwasher safe. I throw my kitchen Scrub Daddy in the dishwasher about once a week and it’s good as new.


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