5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned

May 4, 2022



No one feels like an adult

As I get older, I keep waiting to wake up one day and feel like an adult. I honestly don’t think that will ever happen. I even get a little bit of imposter syndrome when I do “adult” things. Like getting married– I used to think about it happening one day when I was an adult, but then it actually happens and I still feel like they just let kids like Taylor and I get legally married– wild. We are all works in progress trying to figure this life all out. What does it even mean to feel like an adult anyway?

You really don’t need as many physical items as you need

This has become especially apparent for us as we have been living in Airbnbs for over a year and having most of our belongings in storage. This experience has made me more minimal and even feel icky when I have things that are not being used. If you are feeling “icky” about how much you have or if your space is feeling cluttered, get a pack of sticky notes. Carry this pack around for a couple of days or a week—tag items as you use them. Items with sticky notes will show you what you use. 

Pack snacks for road trips

As someone who drove over 35,000 miles this past year, we spent a lot of time on the road turning to gas station snacks and fast food. I find it fun to have some go-to favorites when you are on the road. We love some honey-roasted peanuts! However, whenever we packed our own snacks (even something simple like clementines and tea), we had an overall better experience. We weren’t scrambling for food that left us feeling sluggish. We now take the time to grab some snacks we will be excited about ahead of time.

If you think highly of someone, tell them

We don’t compliment people enough. I’m talking more than just telling a stranger you like their shirt– but do keep doing that! You will surely make their day. Compliment the people close to you on their character. Why are they important to you? Why do you enjoy having them in your life? Compliment them on how supportive they are, their listening skills, their honesty, etc.

Be thoughtful about your laundry detergent. Your body absorbs it all day and then sleeps on it all night.

There seems like there is always a new swap to make. We are always looking for something cleaner, greener, etc. It can be overwhelming. With all we can swap, I often think laundry detergent is overlooked. We spend a lot of time with clothing touching our skin! And then, at night, our bedding touches our skin. Because of this, I prioritize having non-toxic laundry essentials.

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