8 Last-Minute Eco-Friendly and Ethical Gift Ideas

Dec 16, 2021


8 Last-Minute Eco-Friendly and Ethical Gift Ideas

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even—Oh shoot! The holidays are right around this corner, and you still have some gifts to check off your list! No need to fret, my friend! I’ve hand-picked some of my favorite sustainable, budget-friendly, and cruelty-free ideas that make for perfect gifts this holiday season. The truth is that we accumulate an insurmountable amount of waste throughout the winter months in particular, and on average we produce 30% more plastic waste during the holidays than at any other time of the year. But here’s the thing — it is possible and easier than ever to be more mindful, and this guide can show you how. 

Let’s get started!

A little disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the brands I mention. I admire, follow, or purchase from many of them because of their quality and pledge to the environment.

Earthlove Box

Earthlove is a seasonal subscription box filled with eco-conscious goods for leading a holistic, more conscious-centered life. You can expect to see 6-8 full-size items in each box; spanning different categories like snacks, teas, books, wildcrafting, wellness, apothecary, aromatherapy, beauty, outdoor, gardening, home decor, apparel, accessories, and more. You can choose to buy only one box or a subscription bundle with up to 4 boxes. Boxes range from $45 – $150, depending on how much you want to splurge.

Etsy Gift Card

Do you have a friend or family member who loves unique, handmade items such as jewelry, art pieces, or home decor? An Etsy Gift Card makes the perfect holiday gift! You have the option of emailing the e-gift card to your loved one or emailing it to you (which you can then print and give in-person yourself). Etsy Christmas Gift Cards start at $25.

Best Skin Ever – Seabuckthorn

When it comes to skincare and body care,  Living Libations is arguably one of the leading most ethical, sustainable, vegan, toxin-free, and affordable beauty and wellness companies out there. I stand by and highly recommend each and every one of their mindfully curated products, but my number one favorite item is their Best Skin Ever-Seabuckthorn Oil — which is an all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer that gently restores, regenerates, and transforms the skin from the inside out and is safe for all skin types. Best Skin Ever – Seabuckthorn retails for $26.

Tea Infuser Bottle

Every tea enthusiast should have at least one type of tea infuser, as it is hands down the most sustainable and easiest way to enjoy loose leaf tea. In reality, drinking tea from commercial tea bags and discarding those tea bags is quite toxic for the environment and most tea bags are not compostable either, as they often contain plastic. That being said, Pure Zen Tea offers a selection of glass and steel infuser bottles, ranging in price from $34.95 -$45.95. Side note: you can also use these bottles for fruit-infused water or cold brew! 

The Five Minute Journal

Journaling is one of those things that many of us think about doing and maybe even start, but then stop for a million different reasons. The idea behind The Five Minute Journal is to practice focusing on the positive in your life for just five minutes a day. Sounds simple, right? It is described like this, “The Five Minute Journal is your secret weapon to focus on the good in your life, become more mindful, and live with intention.” The cherry on top is that this journal is made with 100% recycled biodegradable paper, which is about as eco-friendly as it gets! I encourage you to check it out. It retails for $29, and there is a kids’ version available as well! 

Root & Ritual 

Of all the books I have fallen in love with this year, Root & Ritual has undoubtedly taken the cake. It is exquisitely curated with a bounty of nourishing insight and intuition that spark connection and wholeness through rituals, recipes, and ancestral wisdom. Its author, Becca Piastrelli, is a writer, women’s coach, land steward, and ancestral folk medicine keeper, and you can feel all of those cohesive and intrinsic energies within her gentle and detailed writing style. This book currently retails for $22.99 at various outlets, but I would encourage purchasing from the author’s website or your local bookstore in support of local businesses during the holiday season.

DoTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils offer so much value in each little bottle with all of their diverse uses! High-quality essential oils let you embrace and absorb clean and powerful scents that aren’t just soothing, but also incredibly healing. DoTERRA differs from most large-scale essential oils producers in that they actively seek to minimize their carbon footprint by way of the Global Botanical Network  — which sources raw ingredients from small farms across the globe that practice traditional and sustainable methods of farming. My favorite healing scents include Cedarwood, Clary Sage, and Douglas Fir, all of which just so happen to smell just like the holidays. Oils retail from $13 and up.

The Bouqs Co.

There’s no better gift than the gift of life, which brings us to one of my very  favorite ideas of the bunch — sustainable plant delivery! In addition to their eco-friendly practice, The Bouqs Co. has taken a pledge to support political change in favor of the environment and works directly with eco-friendly farms that minimize waste, recycle water, and use sustainable growing practices. In addition to plants, The Bouqs Co. offers gorgeous bouquets, wreaths, cacti, and a subscription service that delivers your choice of flowers and plants on a semi-annual basis. Plants retail from $40 and up. 

I hope this list inspired you and sparked some creative and sustainable ideas for the loved ones in your life! Blessings on your holiday season! 

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