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Feb 28, 2022


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A few weeks ago, I began “beta” testing this little– well, I’m not sure what to call it. An idea? Passion project? Whatever it is, I felt called to put it out into the world in some capacity. I started sharing the idea with a small group via an email newsletter. The responses were encouraging and prompted me to share this idea with more people through the Deerly blog.

Okay, so what is this? I believe it is a curriculum, but for our typical Deerly audience. We are intentional, dreamers, lifelong learners, and so much more. I personally kind of miss school– anyone else? I miss learning new things. That was one of the reasons I enrolled in my health coaching course– I wanted to learn more about the subjects and myself. So each month, I have a topic for you and some prompts or exercises related to this topic, my reflection on the topic, plus maybe some other fun things. I hope this acts as a pause in our busy lives and prompts you to think and add intention. So, let’s give it a go!

For March, we are discussing how health is holistic. A holistic mindset is to think big picture and acknowledge that everything is connected. Holistic health talks about the mind, body, and soul connection. It focuses on treating the human as a whole instead of treating specific symptoms. I’ll often preface that I’m a holistic health coach as it is much deeper than diet and exercise. I talk about various topics with my health coaching clients– their career, relationships, etc. All the different areas of our lives are interconnected and affect one another. For example, when I was in the lowest point of my career, I had no energy, social interactions were challenging and poor nutrition. It was evident that all these were symptoms of me being unhappy in my career, and these signs showed up in all areas of my life. 

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