An Intro to Holistic Living

Mar 1, 2022

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Welcome to a new Deerly series where we cover different topics each month to serve as a guide to a holistically designed life. For an introduction to this series, head to this blog post. 

It seemed fitting to have this first topic mimic how I begin my first session with all my health coaching clients. It is an exercise that IIN (the program I am certified through) calls the circle of life. The circle of life is rooted in the concept that health is holistic. It divides our lives into different areas. A lot of different methodologies have something similar to this. In working with young adult women, I’ve altered these areas to feel more applicable to them. There are 7 areas of life (according to me?). I define them below. However, I intentionally loosely define them as I do think it is important to have your own interpretation. What do these areas mean to you? It’s more important for you to have a strong understanding of what falls into each area rather than try to understand my specific definition.

Here are the 7 areas of life: the mind, purpose, health, habits, self-work, environment, and community. 


emotions, mental health, stress management, joy, creativity, peace, spirituality, and clarity

Think mind and soul connection. 


how you contribute to the world, your passions, career, responsibilities, fulfillment, talents, future vision

Most of these methodologies include career as its own area, but in working with clients, everyone has a different relationship with their career… think work to live vs. live to work. I want this area to feel more inclusive, including family roles such as parenting. What “role” drives you? Being a nurse, mother, hiker, etc.


movement, energy, relationship with food, rest, hygiene, nutrition, sleep quality, and breath

A little further than just our traditional view of “health,” but rather our overall connection to our body. How does your body feel?


the day to day, sustainable routine, productivity, balance, daily rituals, time management, being present, our behaviors

Your habits are how you live your day– your rhythm. 


investing in yourself, lifelong learning, growth, relationship with money, self-esteem, knowledge, new perspectives

Self-work is not common in these methodologies, but I find it important to be focusing on your future self and think about what you can do now to serve them. This may also involve digging into your past for clarity.


the people, relationships, socialization, personal boundaries, collaboration, confidants, mentorship

How do you interact with others? Do you have a support system? Are you comfortable implementing boundaries when needed and managing conflict? Do you value healthy relationships?


where you live, culture, housing, connection to nature, design of your surroundings, your domain, comfort

How do you feel about your surroundings? Your city?

Check out the next blog post in this series here for an exercise related to these areas of life. In the meantime, reflect with these journal prompts. I look forward to hearing your feedback on this new series!

holistic living journal prompts
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