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Aug 1, 2022



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Prioritize your mental and emotional health this month, Aries. You are feeling pulled in many different directions with obligations, don’t forget to find some moments of solitude each day. You realize what relationships are worth keeping and which have been restricting you. Though challenging, once you let them go, you will feel liberated.


Listen to the whispers you hear within yourself on what your true desires are. You may feel a tension between this desire and authority figures in your life. You may have felt unclear on your path, but expect to feel more confident to reach these new horizons by mid-month.


You will begin to focus on yourself, your character, and your goals this month. You may be looking at the world from a new perspective, and because of this, you will feel an increase in lighter energy. Treat everything you do like a sacred ceremony and bask in the little moments. Know that your work and effort have been impactful and meaningful to others.


You feel a sense of lightness and positivity this month regarding your reality and future. Despite what others may think about your chosen path, you are slowly but surely making moves to fulfill your dreams. Be on the lookout for opportunities and people to come around to help you move closer to your goal. People are looking up to you right now, and your words and advice are valuable.


You are learning to let things go that are out of your control and surrender more. Your emotional health is improving; however, pay attention to your physical health. You will finally be able to break free from an old obligation or project and feel liberated after some challenges. In your career, you may not feel like you are receiving the recognition you deserve, be sure to stand up for yourself and remain confident to show your best side.


You are feeling an aligned sense of belonging in your community; however, you may feel opposition to wanting to express yourself on an individual level. You may want to optimize your routine or level up in your career and have to prove to yourself and others that you are deserving, and once you overcome this, you will feel more liberated.


You are hitting a stride in your career and overall lifestyle this month, but this may come with feelings of guilt over neglecting your family life. You may feel more guarded with loved ones, but once you can talk out your feelings, you’ll gain deeper trust with others. You are inspired to take on creative pursuits and freely express yourself; once you have the courage to share this with the world, you’ll feel much better.


You are falling in love, maybe with someone, maybe with just romanticizing your daily life and feeling optimistic, knowing that you have more to strive for. You might have been avoiding something related to your home or family; now is the time to deal with it head-on. Look out for rekindling an old relationship; know that things will be fiery and old fights could repeat themselves.


Look out for a financial reward this month, and be confident in your value. You are implementing new healthy habits and contributing to your community but may feel restricted somehow – know that this will resolve by mid-month. You have set higher standards for the people around you and may have to make some adjustments to your inner circle.


August is a social and flirty month; you may get to know new acquaintances and have more energy and optimism in your social life. Don’t let the limitations you’ve created for yourself hold you back. You may be rethinking how you make money and closing a chapter by elevating your standards. You feel excited about new creative projects, but you might have to adjust your schedule to prioritize your new interests.


You are creating your own unique path within your career and are being rewarded with joy and abundance. Expect changes in your home life that you may have been avoiding, but in the end, it will give you more control and self-confidence to be self-sufficient. You may provide more energy to our dating life or social media, but be wary of people or projects lacking substance, causing petty disagreements.


You are digging into new interests or topics this month that can benefit you, whether in your career or bringing joy to your life. You may feel conflicted between prioritizing your long-term and short-term goals and have to make some sacrifices to see things come to fruition. Subconscious fears from the past may bubble up, know that this is a pivotal point; once you release this, you won’t bring it with you going forward.

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