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May 28, 2021



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On our old blog, we would do a Friday 5 with five products we are obsessing over. We have compiled your favorites of our previous blogs to share with you in one place. Enjoy!

fabric fresh spray

The Laundress is a brand one of my friends introduced me to a while back and they have some of my favorite products! Their fabric fresh spray is something I use every day. You just spray it on your clothing and textiles and it makes it feel like it just went through the wash! I spray our throw blankets and pillows with it regularly because those never seem to get washed often enough.


woven plant pot basket

This is such a deal! It can be difficult to find attractive binning and I love the natural look of this one. This is perfect to roll your throw blankets into, use for plants, and so much more. We actually store our dog’s toys in one of these! Adding this to your space will help it feel more curated while also helping you stay organized!


glass container

I have been slowly switching out our plastic containers for glass and it has been such a game-changer! They are easier to clean and dishwasher safe. Plus, you can throw them in the microwave without worrying about it. They make leftovers much more appealing!


One of my dear friends made the switch to wooden hangers as her birthday gift to herself one year. She talked about how it made her closet feel more special. At the time, I was living in a room without a closet and had my clothes displayed on clothes racks so when she shared her wooden hanger switch with me, I quickly ordered these hangers (I have the natural ones)! I truly can’t go back now… it really elevates my closet and honestly just makes me happy! This is such an easy upgrade and will make your closet feel much more sophisticated.


Do you wash your jeans after every wash? If you asked me this a few months ago, the answer would have been a for sure NO. Now that I have added the Denim Wash from The Laundress into my life, I am a changed person! It helps keep your denim feeling new, but still soft and “lived-in” instead of rigid like washing denim can feel if used with normal detergent. I have been using this even more lately with my denim shorts— because shorts just seem to get so dirty! With the warmer days and spending time running around in my denim shorts, I am doing a lot more denim loads!


I ordered these pillowcases a couple of months ago and they are seriously a game changer! I have heard about the perks of silk and satin pillowcases for so long and finally caved and got them! I picked these because they are so affordable— under $10. If you are skeptical like I was, this is a great pair to test out with! An unexpected perk is I love how they look on my bed with the slight sheen.


When we first moved into our apartment we made the mistake of just getting kitchen items here and there from discount stores. It turned our kitchen into all things mismatched and made the room feel cluttered even when it was clean with all the different items. We have now been making a conscious effort to stick to a scheme. We only buy items in metals, white/off-white, and woods. It is broad and generic enough that it is easy to stick to while keeping everything cohesive. A set like this is a great neutral to keep your kitchen cohesive… it has SO many tools included. I promise, keeping to a scheme really does make your kitchen even look cleaner!


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