Friday 5 – 25 june 21

Jun 25, 2021


Friday 5
25 June 21

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Below we share the 5 products we are currently obsessing over– enjoy!

I’ve been using this for years, but I always get a new appreciation for it in the summertime heat. It is beyond refreshing! I love having that extra step to remove any remaining sunscreen, make-up, or pulltants.


This tank! It probably looks familiar because I live in these. They are perfect for Summer because they have all the perks of activewear, but can be worn casually. This tank comes in a ton of great colors. I’ve had these tanks for years and have held up great– especially for pieces worn and washed often. You won’t be disappointed!


I’m normally a candle person, but warm weather calls for an alternative. This spray is so refreshing! It is a great little mood booster. It also works wonders in your car!


I was a little slow to try these soda alternative brands that keep popping up, even though they definitely intrigued me! I love a good swap, but can be picky about not wanting to compromise taste. I like these because they are delicious! It doesn’t quite taste like a soda to me, but they are in their own category of yummy!


Ok… another food-related recommendation. Watermelon with feta is my go-to summer snack. I just love the combo of the two flavors. I also like using it in salads and swapping out the other ingredients. If you mix the salad ahead of time, the watermelon dresses the salad itself!

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