September Transitions

Sep 30, 2022


September Transitions

nyc brownstone in september
september flowers

September has arrived! 

In New York, it’s the month when the weather shifts from hot and humid to crisp and cool. 

So naturally, on the streets, you’ll start to notice a transition from warm-weather clothes to cool-weather pieces. Iced drinks, traded in for hot ones. 

As I sit and people watch from the MET Museum steps, I’m wondering what other changes people are making as they enter into the fall season and reflecting on my own.

the met in nyc
watch and accessories

As I consider my habits and routines, I realize I’ve been subconsciously making many little changes, and my mindset has truly shifted to fall mode. 

I’m starting to make more comfort-food recipes (hello, butternut squash soup!). 

I’m starting to swap out my makeup and skincare; pulling out my berry and brown shades of blush and lipstick, opting for a lighter shade of foundation (goodbye summer sun!), and adding drops of oil to my face lotion to boost the hydration content. 

I even have set aside my favorite fragrance for something more seasonal (oh hi 👋 warm, floral, opulence).

It’s surprising how many shifts I’ve made this month without even realizing it, and it makes me wonder if you do the same. 

What subconscious and conscious changes are you making to your daily routines to welcome the new season?

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