The Gift of Hair 

Sep 23, 2021


The Gift of Hair

Many who are battling cancer, and many other health issues, must also face the reality of hair loss. While this may seem small when facing a life-threatening situation, this is sometimes a loss to the person’s identity, which only exacerbates the stress they may be feeling. This is why it is important for everyone to have access to the right wig when experiencing hair loss, and there are many ways to donate money or hair to help give someone this gift. 

Hair donations are an essential resource in creating comfortable and realistic wigs for those suffering hair loss. Having a wig that mimics the person’s natural hair can make a huge difference in their self-esteem, reducing their risk for anxiety and depression. It is important to do your research before cutting your hair for donation, as many organizations have different requirements for what they will accept. I am so grateful to have just made my 4th hair donation, and I have compiled a guide below to help anyone looking to donate hair or money to the proper organization. 

Wigs for Kids

Wigs for Kids is one of the longest-running organizations for hair donations in the United States. They prioritize making wigs that are designed to be perfect for withstanding the high-energy activities of children. To make a donation to Wigs for Kids, your ponytail must reach 12 inches in length and must not have any dye or color treatment.

Hair We Share

Hair We Share focuses on providing wigs to children and adults who have experienced medical-related hair loss and face financial hardships. They have a unique ponytail tracking experience that allows you to track your donation and where it ends up while also helping to fund their program through a donation. Their donation requirement is 12 inches unless you join their ponytail tracking program, which allows an 8-inch minimum donation. Hair We Share only accepts donations of natural colored hair, so dyed or treated hair is not accepted. Click here for their website. 

Locks of Love

Locks of Love is probably the most known organization to send your hair donations to, and they have the largest hair donation collection center due to the high quantity of donations they receive. They also focus on making their wigs comfortable and easy to wear for children, and their requirements are slightly less strict. Locks of Love will accept hair 10 inches or more in length, and they do allow hair that has dye or color treatment. Click here for their website. 

Whether you are gifted with quick-growing hair like me, or if you are capable of making a financial donation, it is important to support these organizations in helping to make everyone suffering from medical hair loss feel confident again. Through your donation, you can help to restore their self-esteem and improve their quality of life.

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