The Importance of Sending Cards & Why I Started a Business

Jul 14, 2021

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The Importance of Sending Cards & Why I Started a Business

I own a small business called Clarissa & Ko. (Curious about the Ko.? It’s short for my husband’s name: Korey!) Our business is centered around creating meaningful moments and deeper connections through a card service and gift shop. 

We started working on our business last spring; it was the start of quarantine. Being furloughed and cooped up all day gave me time to revisit old hobbies. I started painting and making handmade cards, two old favorites, and even started sending old-fashioned snail mail; an activity that pre-Covid, I would have thought too time-consuming. 

During this period, we, like so many others, were realizing the importance of keeping connected with friends and family and became both extremely grateful and dependent on modern technology. Like what would the last 18 months have looked like without Zoom or Marco Polo? 

But as I was revisiting my love for making cards, I started to remember why I once devoted all my free time to do this. I love making and creating, whether it’s sewing or painting or crafting, but there is also something very special about making cards. 

It’s tangible. Sending someone a card is a physical reminder that you care about the person you are writing to. It’s a gift. 

Don’t we all have a handful of meaningful cards that we treasure? I know I do, and every time I rediscover them, they always evoke a lot of emotion. I think of my relationship with those people and am reminded of their thoughtfulness.


When I receive a card, I know the person who sent it took time to pick a card, thinking that I would like it. I know they had to make time to gather their thoughts, write them down, and then finally send them to me. 

So many little steps add up to a beautiful, thoughtful gesture.

In rediscovering my appreciation for cards, it dawned on me that I could bring value to this old-world process. Pre-Covid, the idea of going to the post office to stock up on stamps, or going shopping to find the perfect card, seemed like a luxury of time I couldn’t afford. And I figured a lot of people can relate. 

Channeling my love for painting, at Clarissa & Ko., we offer my watercolor prints as our cards. Our checkout process allows you to pick a date, write your note, upload your signature, and we do the rest! 

That’s essentially our business: we are leading an initiative to alleviate some of those time-consuming barriers to sending a card while maintaining the integrity of sending a thoughtful gesture. 

At Clarissa & Ko., we want to offer both a smooth process and timeless keepsakes.

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