Welcome to the Deerly Co. Blog!

May 20, 2021


Welcome to the Deerly Co. Blog!


Welcome to the updated Deerly Co. blog! We are happy you are here!

A significant part of rebranding Deerly Co. was a growing emphasis on the blog. Don’t get me wrong; I am passionate about the services we offer. I enjoy connecting with clients and serving them. However, not everyone needs those services, but they do require that connection. As a designer and a health coach, I know that we are multi-passionate. I envisioned a resource that covered various topics that would interest our audience. I attached the target audience below that I had sent to my contributors. It is a quick list of who we have in mind when writing our blog. Any of them resonate with you?

I started Deerly Co. as a designer, so inherently, the blog had been a design blog. As I went through health coaching certification, I began asking myself, how do I be a designer and a health coach? It is not a combo you see out there. What is the relation between these two? I talked out different concepts in my head. I have always loved aesthetics and made my surroundings beautiful, but I also know how important health and functional habits are. It is all about balance!

I hopped on a call with my go-to branding expert, Jordan Cotton, to talk through my thoughts. I word vomited to her my ideas, and she asked me all the crucial strategy questions behind brands. “Why should people care? What is your mission? What is the goal?” 

When Jordan asked me those questions, I kept coming back to community. I wanted to create a community and have my site be a resource for others. From the get-go, I knew that I wanted other people to contribute to it. I wanted it to be bigger than just me and my knowledge. It would be a platform where other people would share what they are passionate about. I remember Jordan saying, “so it sounds like a lifestyle blog.” It totally is a lifestyle blog. It covers life and our interests. As someone who listens to podcasts and reads blogs, I value the connection you feel as a consumer. I live for the escape and influx of information that intrigues you into learning more. The blog is the platform and the resource that cultivates the community. 

Currently, the blog is organized into categories of interiors, design, style, wellness, lifestyle, and self-work. I am open to those categories shifting over time as we evolve. It is written with our audience in mind to share some tips and to connect with them. Especially during the pandemic, having a place to go and read from others is comforting. 

Building this group of contributors has been one of the best parts of this rebrand! They are dynamic and passionate about what they share. I wanted the blog to be bigger than me. The blog and their writing is not a direct reflection of me and my beliefs. At first, that concept kind of scared me… putting things out into the world on a platform that I created but sharing the thoughts of others. Now, that may be my favorite part. We all value holistic and intentional living, and that can present itself in many ways. I enjoy reading from another’s perspective and appreciate each of their perspectives’ value to the blog. I hope you do too! 

Read more about our contributors here. I am always looking for more contributors. Do you have something to share? Or do you have a recommendation for a contributor? Please reach out to us about contributing a piece to our blog.

Thanks for reading and supporting this little dream of mine. I look forward to hearing from you!

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