Your July Horoscope

Jul 1, 2022




July will feel like a calmer yet focused energy for you, Aries. You will have a new objective to strive for more, and others will recognize you for your passionate energy. New, unexpected streams of income may come with expenses.


Mars moving into your sign means that you will feel a natural increase in energy and motivation. Channel this into something you are passionate about. Listen to your inner voice this month, and don’t be scared to go in the direction it’s taking you while getting rid of anything weighing you down or unnecessary.


Take extra care of yourself this month, Gemini. You may feel more drained while tuning more into understanding your personal beliefs and values. Be careful who you tell things to, and don’t let others drag you down. You may gain more of a spiritual perspective or have a changed outlook from your recent travels.


It’s important not to overwhelm yourself with every long-term potential in your life. Make small steps and focus on the task at hand. You are on the right path. You will begin really growing when you align yourself with a community that will encourage your expansion and will be out of your comfort zone.


You will gain clarity surrounding an issue you’ve been worried about and feel more empowered and in control of this situation. There is a focus on your health, and you may be implementing new routines to help you heal. You may feel some shifts beginning to take place in your career; surrender to the process, and aligned opportunities will pop up.


You may feel some tension between your partner and your social circle or tension within yourself that causes you to overthink your decisions. Be discerning, but not so much that you cut yourself off from blessings and opportunities. You will become more aware of life outside your bubble and that there is still so much more to discover.


Your passion and playfulness with life are being restored this month. Be aware of some tension between your home life and your dreams, practice your balanced energy of understanding all perspectives, and make time for your goals if they are important to you. Surround yourself with a supportive and progressive community to encourage your growth.


You may feel held back from going in a direction you want to, but know that you are the only one preventing you from this. Expect significant changes in your relationships. You are learning how to communicate in a heart-centered way to bring connected and aligned people into your life in all areas.


You are paying more attention to your health, and it pays off when you approach in a slow, gentle way and listen to your body. Along with this, you will begin a new journey that will push you in the direction that you may not have expected but feels natural.


Your mental health and outlook on life is improving, and you are connecting deeper with yourself this month. Take time to get curious about things that have always interested you, but you might not have had time for or not have the confidence to try.


You are now ready to show something to the world that you’ve been working on. There might be tension between balancing this and your other responsibilities. You may feel more rebellious, and positive change will come from your actions with this energy.


You are rethinking how you fit into your community and your relationships this month, Pisces. Others will put a value on what you’re saying, and your ideas and thoughts will really be heard. Lean into new interests, and learning about them can influence your future.

Marlee Shepherd

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