Your June Horoscope

Jun 1, 2022




This month, you are looking back at your past and reevaluating who is really supporting you and your goals. Be sure to align yourself with obligations that you really value. Your world views are evolving as you mature; be open-minded to new ways of thinking. Pay attention to income streams coming from unexpected places.


You are opening up in a more spiritual way this month. You are starting to create your own path and gaining more self-confidence and security within this decision. There is an end to financial dependency on the horizon. Watch for information coming to the surface that will help you navigate your next steps.


You can now see situations without the rose-colored glasses, the fog has lifted, and you can act more confidently. Remember to stay grounded and open in conversations and set boundaries with others. Expect to make new connections from different surprising areas of life. Be open to it all, and pay attention to any synchronicities and signs.


You may be prone to doubting yourself, but this month will confirm that you are on the right track. You will receive assurance that you’re in the right place, make sure you are setting realistic goals, and you do not have to take on all the world’s problems. There are still unhealed parts of you; getting to the root of the problem is important to heal and move on fully.


You will begin to feel a lot more in flow, and things will be easier and more convenient at work. You have more access to freedom and fun this month. You may also gain clarity around relationships. Reevaluate what relationships really fulfill you and which leave you empty.


This month, you are gaining back your sense of confidence in what you have to say. You are reevaluating your daily routines. Understand that changing it up is for your betterment. Unexpected, long-distance connections may be revamped; remember to stay grounded and don’t let your perceptions outweigh reality.


More fun and more adventures are heading to you this month, whether you are dating or in a long-term partnership. Know that vulnerability is foundational with people you trust, even when it’s not comfortable for you. Make sure to spend some time nurturing yourself, and don’t let your day-to-day obligations take a toll on your nervous system.


You are coming out of an intense period of your life with a new perspective on life. This month, set realistic expectations for yourself and make your schedule work for you. Things may not be as simple as they were in your head, but know that the unfamiliar and uncomfortableness is where the most growth happens.


This month, you are figuring out what truly makes you fulfilled versus your family and close relationships’ expectations of you. The positive changes you implement will feel like unfamiliar territory, but knowing that you are on the right track, Gemini season encourages you to learn something new or go back to old skills and re-cultivate them.


You truly understand the value you hold and bring to other people’s lives. You may be restructuring your finances and sources of income. This month is a time of self-expression, be open to what is coming through for you and connect with others who may be unexpected. Expect answers about the past that will bring clarity to situations.


Be aware of all the information you’re consuming and note if it’s influencing you positively. You have significantly matured in the past few years, and it’s time to look back and see what areas you’ve been avoiding during this time. Your expectations and reality may not be aligned; take things slow and know that you are exactly where you need to be.


This month, it’s time to take steps to contribute to something that will benefit your future. Things are shifting and changing in your work environment, and you may feel uncertain or overwhelmed by this change. Take time to understand what really fulfills you. Be aware that whatever you choose will come with confirmation, don’t doubt yourself.

Marlee Shepherd

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