5 Tips for Implementing a New Habit

Apr 13, 2022

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5 Tips for Implementing a New Habit

This month we are talking all about routines, habits, and going with the flow. Read our first post on this subject.

make it a specific

Remember ~smart~ goals? According to research, defining the new habit in a measurable and specific way will increase your chance of sticking to it. For example, instead of saying you’ll “practice gratitude,” try to get more specific. Instead, “say three things you are grateful for every morning.”

combine with an existing habit

There are two ways I like to do this. The first is habit stacking. This means taking an existing strong habit you have and adding the new habit either directly before or after (or at the same time!). For example, while I’m making my coffee, I will practice gratitude by saying three things I’m grateful for. The link to your current habit will set you up for success. The second way to do this is by adding a new habit to your morning or evening routine.

share with others

Share with those around you the habit you are starting! It will give you the little motivation and discipline to follow through. See if a friend is also looking to add in that habit or another and help encourage each other!

use a habit tracker

There are plenty of habit trackers out there! They come in the forms of apps, PDFs, etc. You can simply make your own on paper or in the notes app on your phone! It is a great place to note what habits you are implementing. Checking it off daily is satisfying!

don’t overwhelm yourself

Start small when it comes to adding new habits! It can feel overwhelming adding in new habits- almost as if it is just an addition to your to-do list. I recommend adding them in one at a time, and once it truly becomes a habit, you can try adding in another. You want it to feel natural eventually! Also, take time to check-in with yourself to see how the habits are serving you.

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