7 Habits to Better Your Life

Apr 19, 2022

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7 Habits to Better Your Life

10-Minute Rule

Are there tasks on your to-do list that stay solely because you just don’t want to do them? I get it. Sometimes starting is the hardest part. With tasks I don’t want to do, I follow the 10-minute rule. Set a timer for 10 minutes and only do the chosen task during that time. I’ll often do this with tidying up. Just devote 10 minutes. You can do anything for 10 minutes, right? Usually, when the timer goes off, I’m even willing to do it a little longer to finish the task.

Brain Dump

When you have a lot on your plate (good and/or bad!), doing a brain dump can help ground you. Our contributor, Lauren Carter, did a great blog post on brain dumps for you to check out. Doing a brain dump helps clear your mind, focus, and become more actionable on the thoughts swirling through your head. Transferring it from your head to paper (or even your phone!) makes it more tangible.

journal brain dump

Learn Something!

As an adult, it can be easy to live in your own intellectual bubble. While we are students, we are constantly taking in new information and learning. Once we leave school, we often lose that in our lives. Our brain still needs to exercise! If you feel like you aren’t getting that stimulation at work, try getting new information elsewhere! This could be from a book, podcast, blog, etc. As a designer, I like learning about health and wellness. It’s nice to learn about different subjects that don’t have to do with my job.


Movement is so important. Movement in nature– is therapeutic for me. I love a walk outside! Find time to move. Maybe combine it with your learning time and listen to a podcast while walking? This will benefit your physical, mental, and intellectual health. If possible, walk in the morning sun. It will help your circadian rhythm, which will benefit your sleep quality.

Match Energy with Tasks

This one has been a game-changer for me! Our energy fluctuates, and when we have low energy, we tend to lack productivity. I’m all for taking the rest when you need it, but I’m referencing times when you do still have the energy to complete tasks, but you just don’t want to do anything that feels extra challenging. Make a list of easy and enjoyable tasks. Things that you can reserve for those times. They will bring you a little joy and also a sense of accomplishment. Save the more challenging tasks for the days when you feel up to conquering them!

Bring One Thing with You

This is something I mastered being a manager in a clothing store and can be applied in your everyday life. If you have a free hand, take something with you that needs to be moved. I’m talking about the trash on the floor of your car, the water glass on your bedside, anything that isn’t in its place. Taking the second to assess if you can be taking one extra thing will save you time later and clean up your space.

Beautify your Surroundings

As a visual person, my surroundings are important. They bring me joy! Find a little thing you can uplevel that will bring you joy. For example, I love a glass mug to drink my matcha out of. The matcha green is beautiful, and I like seeing it through the glass. Buy yourself flowers! It can be some simple baby’s breath. I promise they will bring you joy.

babys breath flowers

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