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Jun 14, 2022

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that life can get so hectic and crazy that it is easy for ALL of us to lose sight of our goals. Our dreams. Our “purpose.”

No one is exempt from this crazy carousel we call living. With technology being at the forefront now more than ever, we have forgotten what it sometimes means to STOP. BREATHE. RELAX. ENJOY. Everything is SO fast-paced.

We no longer look forward with anticipation to watch the next episode of our favorite weekly show. We don’t have to… They all stream simultaneously so we can “binge-watch” and be done with it.

We don’t have to leave our homes anymore for anything: shopping, food, movies… all at our fingertips. With the click of a mouse or the tap of our finger, it’s all there.

It’s frightening. It’s unsettling. It’s only flash forwarding us into a world that will COMPLETELY look like an episode of The Jetsons. (So now I’m showing my age..LOL). For lack of a better explanation, Google it.

In light of recent events in my life, I now have devised a system that works for me so that I may, every week, check in on me. Its purpose? To revisit my week and ask myself the same questions to see where I may have slipped down the rabbit hole.

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Question #1… Was I being authentic and true to ME?

Question #2… Did I waste ANY time doing mindless surfing on the web?

Question#3… Did I take the time to have at least a 5-minute conversation with another Human Being?

Question#4… Did I do one task at a time (listening to music, reading, watching television) so as not to be distracted from my intent?

Question #5…Did I remember to stop and remind myself that I am blessed every day that I live? (no matter what is going on in my life).

If I can answer YES to all the above, I know my time has not been wasted. I have been purposeful and intentional in my actions and my thoughts.

If I answer NO to some or all of the above, I am sharply reminded that my life is precious. Time is not for wasting. It is for savoring, reflecting, and cherishing.

NO matter what stage you are in your life, checking in on YOU is ALWAYS a good idea.
It keeps you on track.
Keeps you true to YOU.
And makes you keenly aware of other possibilities to explore.

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