Intro to Routines, Habits, and Going with the Flow

Apr 7, 2022

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Intro to EMILYxDEERLY April topic:
Routines, Habits, and Going with the Flow

Welcome to April! Last month I started a new series, EMILYxDEERLY, where I focus on a different subject every month. Last month we explored holistic living. 

This month, we talk about routines, habits, and going with the flow. Our routines and habits dictate our daily actions– it is how we spend our days! These actions help us grow and reach our goals. When working with health coaching clients, we focus on what changes we can implement to their routines and habits. Take the time to reflect on your typical day– what routines and habits do you already have established? These can be intentional or unintentional. Are there any patterns in your daily actions? 

It is best to start by focusing on our morning and evening routines when it comes to routines. In the morning, we usually have the least amount of distractions and having a routine that serves us is beneficial to get your day off on the right foot. I like my morning routine to be intention-setting and energizing. The evening routine can serve as a wind-down to our day to get the best night’s sleep and be prepared for the following day. I like my evening routine to be calm and grounding. What is your intention behind your morning and evening routine? Use that to decide where you can insert a new habit. For example, I am looking to read more fiction books. Based on my routine’s intentions, it makes sense for me to add reading fiction into my evening routine. 

Over April, I will be sharing tips on implementing habits, systems, and routines that serve you. I look forward to exploring this topic with you! My first prompt for you is to reflect on your day-to-day and your goals. How can these be better aligned through your habits and routines? Below are your journal prompts for this week!

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