The Value of Podcasts

Feb 17, 2022

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The Value of Podcasts

The number of platforms that offer podcasts is vast, and there is a wide variety of podcasts available to listen to. Podcasts touch on diverse topics, such as health, finance, true crime, comedy, self-help, among others. It is undeniable that listening to podcasts has a significant positive impact. Below is a list of the top benefits of listening to podcasts:

Podcasts Are Highly Educative

We can gain important insights into various fields while listening to podcasts. For instance, there are comedic and even true crime podcasts from which we can derive substantial knowledge. Active listening to helpful podcasts such as those on health (mental, physical, or spiritual) can positively enlighten each of us and transform behavior. Additionally, many podcasts are created by experts, enhancing the reliability and credibility of the information. Unlike mainstream media, where we can be fed with promoted information that could be misleading, these audio recordings are mostly riddled with credentialed hosts and guests. Podcasts are pretty valuable, especially to those who lack interest in reading books and watching videos or lack time to do so. Dedicating a few minutes or hours every week to listening to podcasts can equip us with life-changing skills and knowledge and significantly boost careers, health, and personal life. Not only this, but they can give us an outlet to easily relate to others even when we feel alone in situations. 

Podcast Listening Can Lead To Productive Multi-tasking

As a result of being able to listen while driving to work (…like my 2+ hours in the car daily) or cleaning dishes, for instance, we can achieve better time utilization. Also, some audio recordings are pretty entertaining and can be crucial in helping many people enjoy the most daunting of tasks. Another essential feature of podcasts is that it is not necessary to listen to every episode in a single session. We can pause and get back to listening later when we are uninterrupted by busy schedules. Besides, podcasts can be downloaded and listened to while offline. The portability of devices that can be used to access them ensures that we can enjoy them while on the go.

Podcasts Create Better Mental Images

The value of podcasts is also evident from how their content can remain engraved in minds for long periods. Studies have shown that audio recordings are more effective in creating better mental images in people’s minds than watching videos (Wen, 2015). Listening to audio recordings calls for us to create mental images independently. Besides, the music used and narration skills employed to enhance our ability to use our imagination skills to paint images in our minds. Regularly listening to podcasts enhances our ability to develop even better imaginations for more complex topics. Thus, the messages relayed using podcasts can be retained in our minds for a more extended period.

The value that can be harnessed from podcasts is immense. We can learn new skills, be informed and updated, get entertained, multi-task and more. Podcasts also give us the ability to hear the inflection in the voices of the creators to pick up on emotions, moods, and sincerity. The best thing is that we can access most of these audio resources for free from just about anywhere. 


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