4 fall fashion trends that you won’t regret partaking in

Sep 29, 2022



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With every season comes new fashion trends. Sometimes we can be hesitant to lean into trends for fear we will cringe at our old ensembles. Personally, I’m really into what I’m seeing for 2022 fall fashion trends. To me, a lot of these “trends” feel timeless. I’ve compiled some of my favorite fall fashion trends that I feel are timeless and that we won’t regret next year. Rather, these are pieces we will be able to re-wear as they will continually feel fresh.

Leather: all shapes, all colors

We are seeing leather in all different forms: bags, shoes, jackets, etc. I love the re-imagined silhouettes. Leather is inherently cold weather, but let’s think refreshed! We are moving past the black leather moto jacket.

Leather Inspo

leather shacket
image credit: Where Did U Get That
couple in black leather outfits
image credit: love u like
image credit: Who What Wear

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Statement Sweaters: oversized + bold

I get way too excited about sweater season! This fall, we can be playful with our sweaters. We are still seeing sweater vests, but they are a little more creative. If you love a classic cable or crew sweater, try oversized! And I mean really oversized!

Sweater Inspo

image credit: Collage Vintage
image credit: NA-KD
image credit: Colorful Girl

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Architectural Blouses:

Maybe your climate doesn’t allow for heavy sweaters– this year, we love architectural blouses. We saw a lot of the boxy button-ups this summer, and now we are craving something more refined. We want interest! Blouses can feel summery, so we will stay away from crisp white and smocked. Opt for a more luxe fabric. I love that these can be dressed up or down.

Blouses Inspo

image credit: Orseund Iris
image credit: Who What Wear UK
image credit: Dress Like a Parisian

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Trousers have always been a staple but have really transitioned into everyday wear lately. They are comfy but polished. They can be casual! Think of them more like a pair of jeans– ok with a tee and ok with a blazer. Coming in different colors and materials, you have options!

Trousers Inspo

image credit: Zaful
image of Gigi Hadid
image credit: chloe hayward

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