Fall Back in Love with Your Closet

Sep 7, 2021


Fall Back in Love with Your Closet

The fall season can be one of the best seasons to dress for as it allows one to utilize the pieces in their closet in a whole new way. With the warm colors and neutral tones, it can be simple to combine items in your closet with some staple accessories to change up your look. I will share my favorite style tips for making the most out of my closet every fall.

Layer it up

It’s true; your favorite dress can now be worn all year round by utilizing layering in your closet. This is the easiest way to maximize your outfits without maxing out your budget. My favorite way to use this trend is to throw a t-shirt or sweater over one of my favorite midi dresses or to wear a long sleeve or turtleneck under a mini dress or jumpsuit. This is the perfect way to keep your dresses from collecting dust until the weather starts to warm up again. Cardigans and blazers are another one of my favorite ways to be able to wear your spring and summer clothes into fall. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, a tank top, and layer up with a cardigan or blazer, and the outfit options will be endless.

If the shoe fits

If the shoe fits, wear them for more than one season. As long as you choose your shoes wisely, sandals are certainly not limited to spring and summer. Boots can be worn all year round! As much as I love a fun pair of shoes, from season to season, I always find myself wearing the same few pairs over and over. I find it best to stick to neutral colors in order to maximize how many outfits you can pair your shoes with; I suggest having primarily brown, black, and white shoes in your closet.

Outerwear is essential

Whether it is denim, leather, twill, or cashmere, a go-to jacket is one of the most important things to have in your closet for fall. This perfect piece is ideal for keeping by your side during all of your favorite fall activities. Fall is about dressing for comfort, so make sure to have a lightweight but cozy piece of outerwear for the chilly days to come. I believe that everyone needs a good denim jacket in their closet, and it is truly a piece you will wear season after season and even year after year.

Don’t skip the accessories

Accessories are a crucial element when adding your style to change up a look. Bold jewelry and many accessories are now on-trend, which feels like the perfect throwback to some retro trends. Stacking necklaces is a timeless trend that makes showing your personality so easy. By combining everyday basic chains with some bold and fun pendants, you can add a touch of you to all of your outfits no matter the time of year. Hats and hair scrunchies are also here to stay, and I am so excited claw clips are back in style as well! Hair accessories are the perfect combination of functional and fashionable and will upgrade any look with ease. 

If you utilize these tips, you should find yourself spending less money on clothes and accessories from season to season. Instead, you will be able to focus on investing in adding higher-quality pieces to your wardrobe that last you much longer. 

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