Styling Tips – Fall Edition

Oct 21, 2021


Styling Tips – Fall Edition

There are many ways to express a unique personality, but personal style has to be the most fun. I believe it enables you to showcase and represent who you are. It’s for the world to see and you to feel. (You know that feeling you get when you wear the perfect outfit, the one that just feels like you? Talk about a good feeling!).

When putting together an outfit or cultivating a wardrobe, I always want to make sure what I wear is not only comfortable, well suited to me, and fashionable, but also just feels true to my personality.

To achieve this, I always run through 5 considerations: 

1. Balance

I always try to find a balance between subtle and obvious statements. If I have a loud outfit I like to keep the accessories quiet, so people notice the clothes. Alternatively, if I want to show off my accessories, I wear simple clothing to let the accessories shine.

2. Proportion

When styling myself I always try to keep my body shape in mind, so that I’m complimenting the canvas I’ve been given. Since I’m 5’2” and have an “inverted triangle” shaped body (shoulders are broader than hips), I always consider how I want an outfit to read on me. Often I like to accentuate my shoulders and try to give the illusion that I’m a touch taller. To achieve this, I tend to opt for high-waisted bottoms, heeled shoes, mini-length dresses and skirts, and a good puff sleeve.

Can you tell Korey is over 6” taller than me? I hope not!
fall couple outfits

3. Palette

Cultivating your palette is one of the most fun aspects to consider when cultivating a wardrobe. This is your signature; it’s your constant for years to come. As an example, I gravitate towards the same color palette every fall, which enables me to create a fall wardrobe that feels very true to what I love. I can add pieces to my wardrobe effortlessly because I know the new additions will match with everything else in my closet. There is also a certain comfort in knowing that despite constantly changing fashion trends, I’ll keep coming back to my tried and true palette. 

For fall I’m always inspired by the colors in nature, from purple and orange hues that fill the sky, to the changing colors of the leaves.

city sky
fall dress
purple outfit
fall flowers
fall wedding guest

4. Go for it!

Don’t be afraid to take a risk! If you’re excited about a new trend but doubt you can pull it off, stop assuming! Instead, give it a try and make that look your own! I never thought I could pull off midi length anything, but now I love that length. I just added some heeled shoes and a high waist and was back in business.

white boot outfit

5. Love it or leave it!

I think this matters so much because clothing affects your mood and your confidence. That’s true for me. Anytime I’ve had to wear a garment merely to accommodate a dress code, it has always ruined my mojo. I lose my confidence because I don’t feel like myself. Sometimes it’s necessary. You can’t always wear whatever you want, but when you have a choice, choose something that makes you happy. I guarantee it will improve your day! Because when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good you do good. And your energy will be contagious.

fringe earrings

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