PPE: But make it fashion

Jan 11, 2022


PPE: But make it fashion

New York’s hottest accessory this year on the runway at fashion week was… personal protective equipment? It might not be particularly sexy, but with this new COVID wave it continues to be more important than ever to protect yourself when social distancing is not possible. As these new practices continue to integrate themselves into our daily lives, leave it to the fashion industry to find ways to make PPE chic… or at least cooler than it was originally. Being on the front lines of the pandemic in the Emergency Room, I’ve decided to round up some of my favorites that are helpful in avoiding germs and won’t (completely) ruin your vibes.

Stoggles Safety Goggles 

Starting out with a personal favorite of mine, Stoggles are safety/ protective goggles that are designed to be fashionable. We often forget how important eye protection is when it comes to droplet-spreading diseases – if you are in a profession that comes in contact with a lot of people, sometimes mouth/ nose protection isn’t enough. Stoggles come in all different colors and the lenses also double with blue light protection, plus you can insert prescription lenses if you would like! I wear these every day in the ED and get so many compliments.

women safety goggles
male safety goggles
medical glasses

Blocc face shields

For those who want to forgo a mask, face shields are a great second option. We use them all the time in the ED as a second layer of protection, but they can also be used without a mask underneath in less high-risk environments. These allow people to see your whole face, read your lips, plus cuts down on the “maskne” that we’ve all been struggling with. This company is FDA-registered and has UV protection.

face shield

Jaanuu face masks

We’ve seen face masks in every shape, color, material, and pattern this past year. However, this is one of my favorites from Jaanuu, a scrub company. The material they use is super soft and antimicrobial; they are the perfect combination of protective and comfortable. Plus, they’re cool enough for President Obama to wear.

face mask

No Touch Key

Although COVID spreads mainly through droplets in the air, it can also live on surfaces. High-touch services such as public door handles, elevator buttons, checkout lines, and more can prove to be breeding grounds for viruses and are hard to avoid. No touch keys can help by helping you open doors and push buttons without having to touch them yourself. This pack of 4 from Amazon comes in different colors to make cute keychains and also has touch-screen friendly stylus on the end.

Molekule Air Purifier

For those who work at home – protection is still important! I love this air purifier for your home – not only is it one of the highest-rated purifiers on the market but it also looks sleek and won’t take away from the aesthetic of your space. They come in different sizes for all different spaces

air purifier

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