Who Needs a Health Coach?

Jul 13, 2021

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Who Needs a Health Coach?

Health coaching is a growing field. Individuals are hiring their own, and companies are adding them to their teams. Unlike most healthcare providers, we not only focus on issues you are having, but we are also preventative. Since health coaching is a preventative measure, it is a bit trickier to know when it’s time to inquire about one. Below I’ve listed 5 scenarios where you benefit from having a health coach in your corner.

Before I get into them, I want to touch on my approach to health coaching. One thing I love about health coaching is that different practitioners have different specialties and niches. This means our approaches and practices can look different from one another. My approach focuses on two main concepts; that health is holistic and bio-individuality. You’ll often see me put holistic in front of health coach and wellness. I look at health as our overall well-being. I talk through all areas of life because if one area feels off, it will spill over into our overall well-being. Bio-individuality means that health is not one-size-fits-all. I work with clients on becoming more intuitive and finding what works best for them. Now, let’s get into times you benefit from a health coach.

Times of Transition

Whether you see change as scary or exciting, there is always some processing that comes with change. There are inevitable periods of change in our life, and having someone there for you through that time as a constant is valuable. The transition out of college into post-grad life is something I work with clients on. This post-grad transition takes time. Don’t feel discouraged if it’s been a few years and you are still struggling, or you are just starting to struggle with it. Other times of change are moves, career shifts, and marriage. When it feels like everything is changing, it is grounding to have that consistently scheduled time with your health coach. We can focus on creating the new normal for you by implementing sustainable habits that intentionally get you acclimated.

You’re in a Rut

When you are in a rut, it can be hard to identify that you are in a rut. Some identifying questions are; Do you feel like you are on the right path? Are you on a path at all? Does it feel like life is just passing you by? Do you feel like you have no control? When you are in a rut, we work on taking some ownership over your present and future. You need to be intentional in your actions to get out of that rut. We will pinpoint what caused this rut and what is keeping you there. This can be daunting, but it is so rewarding! Your future should be hopeful and exciting, and we work on creating that excitement in your everyday life.

Your Self-Help has Plateaued

A lot of us try to DIY our self-work journey. This is awesome! It shows you are passionate about evolving and becoming a better version of yourself. However, sometimes we hit a point where we feel like all the self-help books, podcasts, etc., don’t do it for us anymore. Think about any sport. I’ll use golf as an example. You try teaching yourself golf through YouTube videos, and you get the basics and are improving, but after a while, you plateau in your skills. So, you get a lesson with a golf pro so that they can give you that one-on-one guidance on what isn’t clicking that you can’t see yourself. As health coaches, we offer new insights and ask those deeper questions to get you to see things in a new way. Having that expert collaborate with you will bring you to a new level of growth.

You Don’t Feel Healthy

I’ve heard from clients and friends that sometimes you have this realization that you aren’t as healthy as you thought. Healthy isn’t a destination, and it looks different for everyone. It is about finding that place where you feel good, energized, fulfilled and that your lifestyle is sustainable. The diet and lifestyle that worked in college may not work for you anymore. That is normal! You can create that healthy lifestyle for yourself, and you get to decide what that looks like for you. This can take trial and error, and as you evolve, what used to work may not work anymore. I love working with clients to try different tactics to help them feel their best. Bio-individuality comes into play here. As a health coach, I have studied various methods, and we use my toolbox to expand our approach. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent future illnesses. Your future self will thank you for prioritizing your health now.

You Need Balance

Balance is hard to achieve… honestly, probably impossible. In different seasons of our life, we tend to prioritize specific areas of our life. Maybe right now, it is your career, and it is taking energy from your social life, movement, and mindfulness. This is normal, but I work with clients to make sure their lifestyle is still sustainable and won’t go into burnout. One of the first things I do with my clients is to have them rate different areas of their life. Over time, we check in and see if the ratings have changed. When we are so prioritized on one area, we need those check-ins to remind ourselves of the other parts of our life. Since health is holistic, giving your energy to different areas will show reward in your overall well-being.

Everyone deserves to have someone in their corner. Anyone could benefit from having a health coach. I help my clients take ownership of their life and implement the life they want. I’m all about life by design, not default. Health coaching has been such a rewarding experience for me. Just having that scheduled time with my clients where they have the space to reflect and actively work on themselves and their life is so beneficial. How often do you evaluate your life? Feel free to reach out to me if you are looking for a health coach or want to become one! I love chatting about this. If we aren’t a good match, I have a network of people I can suggest for you.

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